Jan 25, 2009

Barf bag, please

Is it just me, or is no one really smiling? Yes, I have a sense of humour. And a very active one at that. Yes, I’ve listened to and even laughed at sexist jokes and did not fire up in indignation at the derogatory undertones. But yes, I am outraged at this. I'm sorry, but the laughter just doesn’t erupt from within my being.

Courtesy: UltraViolet


Indian Home Maker said...

If you knew the brand name I would have known which one never to buy.

Surbhi said...

I am still hoping its only a computer-generated image and not a real garment that any pervert would buy. Think of the sadistic pleasure those who made the label and those who buy or think of buying it get. Its like a perversion!

Chikki said...

I do respect both of you (Surbhi and IHM), because I love and support your posts. But a slight difference of opinion on this one.
I find this tag purely humourous, infact i will have most of my female friends laugh at it too.

And if you can come up with one such tag insulting guys, i really wont mind that too, just making it clear that i am not biased.Common guys, i am sure it wasnt done with a bad intention to hurt anyone.

Surbhi said...

Thanks for the love and appreciation!
I was definitely offended when I saw this. It does not tease - it taunts. That's the difference.
And I wouldn't come up with anything that insults men just for the sake of it, because that never has been my intent. I am not a male-basher - never was and never will be. Don't even think about it, please.
Nevertheless, I appreciate your visiting my blog because there is an urgent need of men like you - men who deserve respect not because they are men, but because they are humans!