Jan 13, 2009

Girl, Interrupted

Courtesy "Unchaahi"


Indian Home Maker said...

We should be bold enough to send such cards to the proud parents.

Surbhi said...

I agree. Its the Gandhigiri style. Anything that makes people feel ashamed of what they've done.

Aathira said...

If I knew someone who did this, I will so send this card, but I believe we do not come across such people, its the people we do not know who are the criminals!

Surbhi said...

What if the reason we don't come across such people in our lives is that we know those people but don't know they have done this? Its a grim reality, isn't it?

Surbhi said...

Afterthought - I wonder if such people can feel ashamed at all. Else they wouldn't have done this in the first place.